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Message to the Earth's leaders: I AM ONE WITH AIR

quintuple installation in Potenza, Italia, 12 December 09

-- - - With Message to the Earth's leaders : I AM ONE WITH AIR( a Teri Volini's Work in Body Art and Public Art, Public exibition of giant photos in 5 locations in Potenza) confirming the common essence with the essential element of life, the Air

The Center for Art and Culture Delta in Potenza, Basilicata (Italia)

participates in the national 100 Squares for the climate, organized for the the U.N. Summit in Copenhagen (4-18 dicembre 09)

“.The climate is changing .... violent storms increase, landslides, floods, heat waves, spread of diseases to which we were not used, the melting of glaciers that raises sea levels, increasing desertification of vast areas of Earth. The fever that we brought to our land must be stopped. We can do it if we reduce the emissions that each day we send into the atmosphere. It is time to act. . We can all do something, rethink our lifestyles. Governments, who represent the interests of all our citizens, must act. The chance to do it is now: in December, in Copenhagen UN summit where the leaders of nations from all over the world come together to seek agreement on how to halt climate change. (from Terra news)”

We fully support this statement in context to the U.N. Summit, held in Copenhagen 4 to 18 December 2009, where leadres of nations from all over the world come together to seek agreement on how to halt climate change.

We think that everyone should contribute to this important event, both as a group and personally.

The Center for Art and Culture Delta will make continuing his fearless action in defense of Earth, declaring the urgence of environmental protection, BEGINNING WITH THE PRESERVATION OF THE ITEM BEFORE ANYONE ELSE IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF OUR LIVES: THE AIR.

These principles are fully confirmed by the Teri Volini's work : I AM ONE WITH AIR - Quintuple giant Installation- Symbolic Action in Public Art, Urban Art, Sharing Art and Body Art - where the Artist declares to be aware of the intimate essence that she shares with the essential element of life, THE AIR, requiring implicitly its healthiness.

The art's powerful language is responsible to communicate the request to the Earth's leaders, so they finally decide to act with greater wisdom in favor of Nature.

Through Body Art, the artist 'physical body becomes the medium on which the message is written, and the primary means to communicate it more effectively (having been excluded a priori any element of compromise or instrumental use of the body itself, as in the usual commercial advertising.)

Teri Volini, land-artist and cultural operator

del C e n t r o d’ A r t e e C u l t u r a D e l t a




We too set off for the climate, urged the Government ITALIAN FOR: